Leonora Kuisienė got acquainted with artistic bookbinding during her pedagogic studies in art school, while taking a course of leather art in 1998 – 99. But she started developing as a bookbinder only ten years after finishing studies. Main influence for that was live acquaintance with different bookbinding techniques, which were different from the ones learnt in Lithuania, in UK.

From 2010 the final direction of artistic activity and form of creative expression was formed. Modern book, also known as experimental book, book–object or conceptual book became the main direction of artistic activity.

Creative form of expression – book–object, the book, where the main thing is fixation of thought, process, where the spectator is involved. The essence of the art work (book) is not traditional form of the object, the book, which can be opened, but the concept itself, idea, interpretation, experience.

At the same time you can find the materials and the leather cover making techniques of a traditional book. You also have the same creative stages as finding the idea, interest in similar art works created earlier, methodology, technology and implementation of all of that.

In this way fixation of thought and process interconnect with traditional technologies and keeping the development of the topic in book cycles at several levels such as philosophy, psychology, mythology and symbols, help to create aesthetic, creative connection between form of expression and idea.



2013 Group exhibition “Masinė hipnozė” in Devil Stone festival (Anykščiai);

2014 Group exhibition in Vilnius book fair;

2015 Solo exhibition “Durys” in ALM gallery (Kaunas);

2016 International group exhibition CraftVilnius;

2017 Solo exhibition "Between dream and reality. Hour of the Wolf" in Perkuno namas (Kaunas);

2018 International art biennale "ADAM - EVA 2018"  (Vilnius);

2018  International art project "State and me. Dedication to history. Lithuania. Latvia. Estonia." (Kaunas);

2018 Joint exhibition "Dialogue - from classics to metamorphosis" (Kaunas);

2018 Group exhibition "Woman's Portrait in the Contemporary Art" (Park gallery, Kaunas);

2018 Joint exhibition “Lithuanian book in European context” (Retų spausdinių skyrius, Kauno viešoji biblioteka);

2018 Solo exhibition “Time” (Gallery “Ars et mundus”, Kaunas).

2019  Solo exhibition "A Tribute  to the Muses" (M. K. ČIURLIONIS NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ART, Kaunas)



2013 Devil Stone festival (Anykščiai);

2013 Fluxus ministerija, Kaunas;

2013 Kindergarten “Drevinukas”;

2014 Kindergarten “Drevinukas”;

2014 Gabrielės Petkevičaitės – Bitės public library (Panevėžys);

2015 “Drugelio efektas” studio;

2016 Kaunas Artcom;

2016 Marcelijaus Martinaičio public library (Raseiniai);

2016 Šakiai public library;

2016 Videniškiai monastery - museum;

2017 "Kaunas opener‘" festival;

2018 Perkuno namas;

2018 Fridricho Bajoraičio public library;

2018 "Kaunas opener‘" festival.


2019 Povilo Višinskio public library, Šiauliai



2016 KTU Mechanical Engineering and Design Faculty

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