Luxury one of a kind handmade classic hardcover genuine leather notebook. The cover of this notebook was made from European high quality leather, which was hand painted. The pages of the notebook have been hand-aged richly staining it with coffee. The book was inspired by Decadent movement. The book cover is green to mimic the color of absinthe. The Art Deco style drawing on the cover was done using hand leather burning technique and depicts Green Fairy holding wormwood twig. The cover also has drawings of fennel seeds and anise. 

Inside of the book has two original drawings of wormwood leaves and anise fruit. These drawings were drawn using calligraphic ink on a very good quality textured graphic paper.


The notebook was created in 2018 by Leonora Kuisienė and was exhibited in Leonora’s solo exhibition “Time” in September 2018.


Size: A5, 160 pages, 2 original drawings.



Unique handmade hardcover genuine leather notebook journal "Green Fairy"

300,00 €Price
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